Business Debt Dispute Resolution

Business Debt Dispute Resolution

Invoice disputes between a company and its customers are not uncommon, but they can be prevented or resolved through effective communication, transparency, and accountability.

Both companies and customers have a responsibility to play in maintaining a positive and respectful relationship. By understanding each other’s perspectives and working towards finding solutions.

Main reasons for invoice payment disputes

The main reasons for invoice payment disputes between a company and its customers are:

  • Unsatisfactory quality of goods or services
  • Invoice errors and discrepancies
  • Delays in delivery or completion of services
  • Payment terms and conditions are not clear
  • Communication breakdown

Why Choose Us?

At Corporate Debt Recovery we offer Business Debt Dispute Resolution as an independent and neutral third-party mediator, we work with both parties to settle the dispute and reach a deal or settlement, or if this is not possible, narrow the issues in dispute between the parties.

Our team will work to understand the root of the problem and find a fair resolution for all parties involved.

Don’t let disputes tarnish your business’s image any longer. Act now and regain control.


Business Debt Dispute resolution is the process of finding a resolution to a disagreement between parties, outside of the court system normally via third-party mediation.

It is generally faster and less expensive than going to court, it can also preserve customer relationships and can be less confrontational or adversarial than court proceedings.