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Seeking payment from a non-paying customer can often incur costs that exceed the account balance.

Corporate Debt Recovery offers to purchase the debt at a percentage of its face value, considering factors such as the number of accounts, their age and balances, and any cash already collected.

We provide immediate payment and subsequently pursue the individual customer for payment.


In certain business scenarios, debt purchase presents itself as a viable alternative to debt write-off. This financial strategy entails the engagement of specialized debt purchase companies that acquire outstanding debts from businesses. In exchange for a small percentage of the total invoice value, these companies assume the responsibility of debt recovery, relieving the burden from the seller’s credit control team.

A debt buyer acquires delinquent debt from the original creditor and subsequently endeavors to recover it from the debtor.

Upon the sale of your debt, the purchaser assumes the role of your creditor, inheriting the same obligations and restrictions as the original lender. Consequently, you retain all your legal rights and protections. The debt purchaser cannot impose additional interest or charges beyond those stipulated in the original credit agreement.

In the event that Corporate Debt Recovery has acquired your debt, you will receive a formal notification known as a Notice of Assignment. Additionally, you may receive a separate communication informing you that the original creditor has transferred the debt to Corporate Debt Recovery.

Within the Notice of Assignment, we will provide a detailed explanation confirming our acquisition of your debt. From this point forward, we will collaborate with you to outline the subsequent steps and provide any necessary assistance.

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