debtor tracing

Debtor Tracing Services

The process of locating businesses that owe you money and have become uncontactable is known as debtor tracing. At Corporate Debt Recovery, we provide a debtor tracing service to assist you in locating outstanding debts. To enhance our tracing process, we utilize various data sources to find debtors efficiently and accurately.

Understandably, companies and organizations may attempt to retain their funds for as long as possible, which can occasionally result in challenges in collecting payments. We offer a range of debtor trace services, including doorstep debtor trace, in-depth debtor trace, and starting a debtor trace with a comprehensive search process to ensure accuracy and efficiency in locating debtor’s current addresses.

When all other options have been exhausted, it may be necessary to engage the services of Corporate Debt Recovery’s debtor tracing agents. Our “no collection, no fee” debt collection service can assist you in restoring your financial stability. To initiate a trace, we require the debtor’s last known address, which is crucial for accurately determining the debtor’s address and ultimately finding their new address to recover the owed funds.


Debtor tracing is the process of locating an individual or business that owes money to another party. A debtor tracing service provides the debtor’s current address and other relevant contact information, such as telephone numbers or email addresses.

To trace a debtor, we utilize a variety of data sets from Credit Reference Agencies and Public Bodies. These data sets are crucial for conducting automated searches to locate a debtor’s current address. It’s important for individuals to keep their information current within these data sets to ensure the accuracy of the tracing process.

In debtor tracing, we rely on comprehensive data sets from Credit Reference Agencies and Public Bodies. These data sets allow us to conduct thorough searches to find a debtor’s most recent address. The effectiveness of these searches depends significantly on the debtor keeping their information up to date within these systems.

Corporate Debt Recovery has access to a range of specialised resources not widely available, including specific investigative techniques and information. These resources significantly enhance our ability to efficiently locate debtors and provide our clients with additional contact details, not just addresses, making the tracing process more effective.

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